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Integration Channels

What Are Integration Channels?

Integration channels in Botanalytics are special type of channels that connect directly to our platform, enabling seamless communication and data exchange, they serve as a means to connect external channels or systems directly to our platform.

How Integration Channels Work

Integration channels in Botanalytics act as bridges, connecting our platform with external platforms or systems. They facilitate smooth one-way communication and data exchange between Botanalytics and other platforms. Once the integration channel is established, data from the external system can be seamlessly imported into Botanalytics. This data can include user interactions, conversation logs, customer feedback, or any other relevant information. By consolidating this data within Botanalytics, organizations gain a comprehensive view of user interactions across different platforms.

Examples of Integration Channels

Some examples of Integration Channels include Rasa, Salesforce Einstein Bots , Microsoft Bot Framework . These platforms allow chatbots to connect with users, engage in conversations, and exchange data through the Integration channels. These channels enable us to interact with and gather data from various external systems.

Currently Available Integration Channels

Please feel free to submit an integration channel integration request at